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About Us

Why the NAIW
Was Created

For far too long there has been a barrier between employers and Indigenous persons. The National Association of Indigenous Workers has been created to promote economic opportunities for its members by providing the resources needed by individuals and whole communities to engage employers across Canada, as well as supplying employers with the information necessary to effectively engage Indigenous people.


Promote Indigenous culture as a component of Canada’s cultural mosaic

Remove barriers to employment and support the advancement Indigenous persons in Canada’s workforce

Provide members with educational resources to acquire and maintain successful employment through partnerships with stakeholders

Our Culture

Our Canadian heritage and national identity originate in the unique and varied cultures of Indigenous people. The NAIW strives to preserve and promote these diverse cultures within the corporate setting while expanding economic opportunities across the nation. Participants involved in projects should recognize and respect the value of traditions and language of the local Indigenous culture.


Canada has a strong, vibrant and proud Indigenous culture. With over 1.4 million indigenous persons, representing 4.3% of the total Canadian population and over 617 unique nations, Canada’s Indigenous population is our future workforce and a source of unlimited potential for our country.


Education is one of the most important investments a nation can make in its people and in its future. It provides self-confidence to successfully face challenges and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. The NAIW understands that many people who wish to enter the workforce may not have the requisite skills necessary to find employment and need help to find a path leading to economic independence. We work with our partners to help our members attain the education and training needed to become financially independent and to take their rightful place in our nation's economy.